How to Buy High Quality Egyptian Bed Sheets

In the average we spent more than 20 years of our life sleeping. It’s only right to invest in a good night sleep. After all, a good night sleep is what makes us lively and productive the next day. One way to get this much needed sleep, and in style, is to acquire high quality bed sheets for your home.

When in a lookout for a high-end bed sheet I’m sure you have come across Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheet Set. When it comes to comfort and luxury nothing compares to these bed sheets or bed sheet sets. But did you know that a top of the line 200 thread count bed sheet may be of a better quality compared to a 700 thread count sheet? Do you want to know if an 800TC higher bed sheets makes any more difference in softness and quality? To help you get what your money is worth, we come up with this simple guide on how to buy high quality Egyptian sheets.

Here are the things that you should consider:

Be smart with the thread count:

If you think that the only way to gauge your Egyptian bed sheet quality is by looking at the thread count, then you are wrong. Thread count or the number of threads per square inch is deceiving. Some companies use it as a marketing ploy. So you shouldn’t base your purchase on thread count alone. There are other factors that contribute to a high quality cotton bed sheet.

The misconception about thread count is sadly very widespread up to the point that government is even stepping in to alleviate the problem. Some companies are using deceptive sewing technique to increase thread count but without affecting quality of the product.

Consider the weave:

The way the cottons are woven into your bed sheets greatly affects the finished product. The two most common wave used are sateen, and percale. The wave affects the price, quality and finish of the product. But both of them are good this is just a matter of personal choice between choosing a softer or crispier bed sheet.

The percale wave is most commonly used producing a crisp bed sheet providing a cool feel to the sleeper. On the other hand sateen is more softer and supple making a little bit warmer.

Location matters:

Egyptian cotton bed sheets are popular because of its origin and the variety of cotton plant, Gossypium barbadense, used to produce the cotton threads. But this time these varieties of cottons are not exclusively grown in Egypt. Some other countries have now perfected the trade of growing Egyptian cotton crops like France and other European countries.

The quality of bed sheet is greatly affected by the type of cotton used in weaving. This is why a lower thread count bed sheet made from cottons grown in rich soil and perfect weather condition is way better than a higher thread count cotton made from lower quality cotton growers like parts of Middle East and Northern America.

Price also matters:

Price and quality can’t be separated. This is because a high quality Egyptian cotton bed sheet is hard to source and delicate to make. This is why you should be cautious when buying high thread count bed sheets for a cheap price. Whether you like it or not, a high quality bed sheet with a high thread count number will also cost you a lot.

The fibre makes the difference:

Egyptian cottons can produce long and fine fibres for threads. These kind of thread has less splices therefore creating smooth finish. The fibres are also durable and strong compared to ordinary cottons. Egyptian cotton fibres are also porous making it more absorbent making it ideal for keeping your body temperature at normal when sleeping. Also makes it easier to dye so the bed sheet appears in deep and lively colours.

Judge the finish with your senses:

The final test before you buy your high quality bed sheet is using the feel test. This is how you judge the finish of the product. Look at and touch the material to examine it carefully. After a few trying and comparing you should be able to tell the difference and know what exactly you are looking for.


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