Good Night’s Sleep with Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Of all the yarns available in the market, natural and synthetic, there is nothing more comforting than cotton. One can easily say that cotton is the king of yarns. There are many reasons for this.

Artificial or synthetic yarns are not comfortable to use. They are not breathable and any item made from them, garment or bed linen, etc does not give the user the satisfaction of comfort and coziness. One tends to feel hot and irritable after being in constant contact with these synthetic yarns.

On the other hand, cotton being a natural fiber is beneficial and good for general well being. Cotton is light and airy and is a perfect material for any season, especially warm summers. Multi layered or quilted cotton apparels give almost the same type of warmth, besides being soft and silky against the skin. The natural fiber is less irritant, highly absorbent and comfort wear.

Just like cotton apparels, cotton bed linen is equally popular and much in uses everywhere. When we say cotton, the first thing that strikes us and the name synonymous with it is Egyptian cotton. It is an age old tradition to make the most luxurious cotton items using Egyptian cotton.

Why is this held in such high esteem? one may wonder. The simple reason is that the Giza region in Egypt harvests the best quality cotton in the world. The superiority of this cotton comes from the fact that this is a single ply yarn that is super soft, long and strong, The thread spun from this cotton gives a very soft and silky finish and the sheets made from these are super soft and luxurious. Each strand of this cotton is very fine and thin and yet very strong and durable. This extra thin property of yarn permits it to have sheets of 1000-1200 or even higher thread count.

The highest thread count may well be around 1500, making the sheet extremely soft and desirable. 1500 thread count sheets are normally sateen and the lower ones are percale. Egyptian cotton sheets are available in percale, sateen and jacquard weave. Each is different from the other in its weaving pattern and hence has a different degree of softness associated with it. Percale is light and crisp linen. Sateen is silky and smooth, that gives a feeling of luxury. Jacquard spells ultimate royalty and is the costliest of the lot. It is a patterned weave.

How does one rate the Egyptian cotton and say which is the best? Well, the answer is the code given to the cotton variants grown there. The cotton is graded according to length and thickness of fibers. Longer and finer fibers make softer thread that gives a softer and cozier sheet. The superior Giza cotton is graded 45 and implies that it is the best crop produced to give the most superior quality yarn.

In short, Giza 45 grade cotton sheets are superior and far more comfortable and luxurious than their other counterparts. Cotton sheets need minimal care and can be machine washed and tumble dried on low heat. Cotton being a natural fiber is subject o shrinkage. So it is best to wash the sheets before fitting them on the bed. This allows the necessary shrinkage as well as helps in retaining the shape and size in future.

A good night’s sleep is every person’s basic right and if you are fortunate enough to have the luxury of Egyptian cotton sheets, then it won’t be long before you drift into a wonderful dream world.