Giza 45 Egyptian Cotton

In our day to day life, we make many purchases on and off. Similarly, once in a while we like to indulge ourselves with finer things in life. Luxury comes at a price, and rational thinkers do not hesitate to spend since they know that since it is a luxurious item, it sure is well made and of superior quality.

We spend almost 1/3 of our life sleeping and that actually is essential for overall healthiness of body and mind. In a day itself, we spend around 8-9 hours in bed, considering afternoon nap and a good night’s sleep. Now the time spent resting or sleeping is beneficial for the individual since you feel rejuvenated after that. Don’t you think then that the most essential purchase for home and hearth should be a quality bed linen?

People pamper themselves with expensive clothing, jewelry, gadgets, etc. However, when it comes to buying bed linen, they are not at all very particular about the type of sheet that they buy. Many just go to shop and pick randomly off shelf, paying little heed to what they have bought. Nonetheless, there are wise persons who carefully pick a good sheet that is longer lasting, soft, well woven and good quality.

There are many variants available in the market. The current trend is use of bamboo sheet. However, most people still prefer the traditional cotton bed sheet that gives warmth, comfort and coziness. Cotton sheets are of various types and blends. The most ideal and luxurious sheet is obviously the one made with Egyptian cotton.

These sheets are 100% cotton and have a very silky smooth and soft feel. Cotton is a staple produce of Egypt and the harvest from the region of Giza is considered the best by far. The superiority of the fiber is gauged by its length, strength and luster. The finer the thread, the more super quality the sheet is.  The weave can be sateen using extra long and strong single ply yarn, woven to thread count of 1000 or more. Besides this, percale is also popular since the close weave of the fabric gives a crispness and lightness that is preferred by most of the people.

The best cotton is Giza 45 that is super soft and silky. The staple Egyptian cotton yarn is long and fine. It is spun in finest thread that can be accommodated to the thread count of 1000-1500 T, that is 1000 strands of 500 each horizontally and vertically woven in a square inch of the fabric. The more the number of threads woven, the softer and cozier the material is.

Cotton sheets are made from natural fiber and hence they are airy and breathable. They offer utmost comfort to the user as they have a high absorbency and prevent sweating and discomfort. Another advantage of the natural fiber is that it is very safe even for the babies and their sensitive skin. The softness and smoothness of the sheer cotton makes you feel very relaxed and comfortable. There are no additives of synthetic yarns in these pure cotton sheets. Thus, they are safe against delicate skin and pose no threat of rashes and allergies.

Caring for these quality sheets is quite simple. You can safely machine wash them in warm or cold water. Tumble dry the sheets on low heat, else simply line dry them to increase the life span of fibers. Warm steam iron press is permissible and they can be dry cleaned at a laundry.

Next time you feel like pampering yourself, why not gift yourself a good Egyptian cotton bed sheet? It will truly be money well spent for the luxury and comfort that you so rightly deserve.