What is Egyptian Cotton?

Egyptian sheets are made from the most superior of all cottons. Egyptian cotton bed sheets are the standard in top of the line bedding. Egyptian cotton sheet sets resist pilling and become softer with every wash. They will give you that silky soft, luxurious feel and it is also well known for its durability.

The best Egyptian cotton sheets have extra-long fibres that are thinner than other cottons and cheap Egyptian bed sheets. In addition, that is the reason why the best bed sheets Egyptian cotton lasts for years with proper care. Cheap Egyptian cotton sheets on the other hand, are generally not high quality. Often the thread count is manipulated to appear more than it is, and sometimes the cotton isn’t even Egyptian. When you purchase from Egyptian Cotton Sheets Australia, you can rest assured that you are buying only the best quality. Even when the Egyptian cotton store has a sheets sale, you are still guaranteed to buy the best Egyptian cotton sheet set available in Australia. We only offer single ply Egyptian cotton sheets – the main feature of real Egyptian cotton sheets. Ours are not cheap fakes. You can find out more information on our Egyptian cotton bed sheets reviews

Egyptian Cotton Bed Sets

If you want to spoil yourself with Egyptian cotton bedding sets, then our hotel collection Egyptian cotton sheets are some of the best. With commercial quality and durability, you will love the feel of this special luxury Egyptian cotton bedding set. If you have ever had the pleasure of sleeping on this level of fine bed sheeting, you will never go back to anything else. They are supremely soft, incredibly indulgent and mostly white Egyptian cotton bedding. It is rare to find a hotel sheet set in a colour other than white. It just oozes class. As well as being white, queen size Egyptian cotton sheets are the most popular size. It is the most common bedding size in Australia. King size Egyptian cotton sheets are the next most popular, equating to around 20-30% of the sales of queen size.

Quality Egyptian Cotton Sheets

The smoothness and softness of our Egyptian cotton bedsheets will give you a nice sensation while you rest in comfort each and every time you sleep. Just make sure that what you are buying is a hundred percent genuine luxury Egyptian cotton sheets. The smooth and glossy finish in these sheets will make you relish bed time every single night. This kind of sheet comes with a price, but in the end, it is all going to be worth it.

Where To Buy The Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Our Egyptian cotton bedding store is an online store only. We offer the most competitive prices available, for the highest quality product, because of our low overheads.