The Advantage of High Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Just as one would say “home is where the heart is”, similarly, bed is where a good sleep is. After a long, tiring day we just look forward to slipping into the cozy comfort of the soft sheets on bed. The minute we get into the bed and feel the softness of the sheets against our body, we slowly drift away into a dream world and instantly feel relaxed and content.
The sheer luxury of a good cotton bed sheet is enough to take away our fatigue and ache. So isn’t it fair to opt for the right type of cotton sheets that offer soothing pleasure and a good night’s sleep? When we talk of cotton, the first name that comes to our mind that is rich and luxurious is Egyptian cotton.
Since time immemorial Egyptian cotton has held its importance in cotton world and it is supposed to be the best that you can find. Cotton is a staple crop of Egypt and the one that grows in Giza region is particularly considered as superior quality cotton. A good cotton fiber is longer, finer and stronger than any other cotton. This is spun in a fine thread that is silky and shiny and the fabric thus made from such yarn is super soft and luxurious.
The cotton is graded according to its quality and Giza 45 ranks high above the rest and is considered best to date. As it is, Egyptian cotton is good and one can well imagine the sheets or garments made from the finest of the threads available. It sure is like a royal treat!! Bed sheets are made from Egyptian cotton in various thread count, the more the better. It is no doubt then that 1000 thread count king or 1000 thread count queen size sheets would give ultimate sleeping pleasure to the user.
The highest thread count cotton sheets may well be around 1500T. These sheets are super silky and super soft and have a satin finish. The long threads are woven carefully in sateen weave render a smooth texture that is very desirable and feels soft against the skin.
High quality yarn is less prone to pilling and beading. It retains its softness and sheen for a long time and is quite easy to launder. It can be washed in cold or warm water and tumble dried on low heat. However, to protect the fibers for long time, it is advisable to line dry the sheets. Cotton sheets are always made a little oversize, to permit shrinkage on first wash. After first wash, the fitted sheets maintain their shape and size.
Normally, bed sheets are preferred in whites or pastel colors. However, if you possess a solid color sheet in darker hues, then remember to wash it either separately or with like colored stuff. Cotton sheets can be hot pressed with steam iron and can be dry cleaned at professional cleaners too.
The goodness of natural fiber- cotton- is enjoyed by all age groups. Adults find it luxurious and cozy. But the main advantage is for the babies. Cotton is highly breathable and super absorbent. It is very soft and safe for baby’s tender skin. Being a natural fiber, there are minimal chances of skin rashes, allergies and discomfort; so there is no risk to sensitive skin type.
As compared to synthetics, pure cotton always seems pricey. But with all the luxury and comfort at your disposal, it sure is money well spent.