Luxury Sheets Egyptian Cotton

Why You Should Choose Cotton Egyptian Sheets For Your Bed?

Getting a good night’s sleep is extremely important and purchasing good sheets to sleep on only facilitates the experience. Egyptian cotton bed sheets of high thread count are quite popular in the category of luxury bedding. In fact, thread count of fabrics have only scaled over the last few years with quality sheets now has a range of 180-1500. Fabric softness tends to increase with the rise in thread count, thus buyers look to higher count numbers prior to making a final decision. However, today ways to determine quality fabrics in the market have changed a lot. It is no longer easier to compare between two bed sheet sets based only on the number of threads. Hence, what makes them different? Typically, such type of cotton is stated to be of better grade than any other cotton variety out there. Egyptian cotton is a higher quality than regular cotton. Denser the fabric more is the chance of the sheet being softer.

Let’s unravel what is behind the quality of Egyptian cotton bedding by learning more about thread count numbers associated with square inch in these fabrics. Textile mill experts attain accuracy in thread count by having sample fabric analysis conducted in a scientific laboratory. This is quite an expensive process though. Of course, the average buyer doesn’t have access to such textile lab results to make a better buying decision. But, you can always rely on simple insight about how these are manufactured to make an informed choice. Often you will come across terms such as thread size, or even twisted thread. The diameter used to weave a fabric is the thread size that can be thick or thin and produces fabrics of varying weights. Two or more threads combined to wrap around each other similar to a rope forms a twisted thread.

Twisted thread multiplies to 2-ply, 3-ply or more. Their bonds are usually weak when compared to single ply threads, not because they get weak on twisting, but since the fibre length is shorter. Long fibres comprise of better cotton and thus weave smoother and stronger fabrics. This aspect of long fibres that comes with Egyptian cotton ensure that they are renowned for being softer than most other sheets in the market. The sheets allow your body to breathe and provide a better fabric to sleep on. In fact, the world’s finest hotels offer Egyptian cotton sheets of such variety in their hotels, so that the guests can obtain premium luxury when staying in high end hotels. This is the kind of luxury associated with the sheets that no other material in the world can match up to.

The cost of Egyptian cotton bed sheets is a bit higher than regular cotton sheets primarily since these are imported in the first place, and secondly a lot more workmanship goes into making them. So, again the thread count of the sheets determines the pricing. However, there are many customers that prefer to pay the additional expense that coincides with purchasing the best quality products on the market. For those that look to getting that good night’s sleep, look no further as these cotton bed sheets will definitely be well worth the cost and you’ll develop an appreciation for the material. In fact, many consumers that are satisfied with their sheets tend to recommend them heavily others. Try a pair, you won’t be disappointed. You can buy Egyptian cotton bedding in our online store.