8 Reasons Why Egyptian Cotton Sheets are Superior

Planning to upgrade your bedroom? Investing in an Egyptian cotton sheets set could translate to good and luxurious night sleep. Here are 8 reasons why Egyptian cotton sheets are superior to ordinary cotton.

  1. Egyptian cotton sheets are super soft and luxurious. One touch and you will know the difference. One you tried an Egyptian cotton bed sheer you will not think of going back to using your old cotton sheets. They feel wonderful to the skin. It’s satin and super soft texture is enough to tell you that you have found the right bed linen for your bed.
  2. The cottons used in making these sheets are grown from rich soil plantations therefore producing the best quality cottons. The natural fibre produced from these cottons are far superiors from ordinary cotton from anywhere in the world. The rich soil along the Nile River is an ideal place to grow cotton crops to produce the best cotton. This is considered as a gold commodity because of its high demand all over the world.
  3. Egyptian cotton makes long and fine threads. This makes the sheets super fine with less splicing. This property of Egyptian cotton is the reason behind the super soft texture and satin look. Less thread splices means smooth threads that can be woven into bed sheets.
  4. Egyptian cotton sheets are durable and does not pill or lint easily compared to ordinary cottons sheets. A bed sheer with pill and link can be super annoying to use. A single pill can turn into tear but this is not a problem when you are using an Egyptian bed sheet. This is because it’s woven from a high quality cotton thread. The threads has few fibre joints or slices. With proper care your Egyptian bed sheet will just keep on getting softer and softer after every washing.
  5. Egyptian cottons are best absorbent because the cottons are porous compared to ordinary cottons. This property of an Egyptian cotton sheets is what gives you that good night sleep. This regulates your body temperature by allowing enough airflow between the sheet and your body. This avoids sweaty nights and stressful sleep.
  6. The thin and fine Egyptian cottons threads means higher thread count. The tread count in your cotton bed sheet determines its softness and luxurious feel. With Egyptian cotton’s super fine threads it’s easy to achieve a high thread count per square inch something that is impossible to do for ordinary cotton sheets without sacrificing quality.
  7. Stylish and comes in lively colours. This is because the cotton threads are good liquid absorbent. When dyed they soaked more dye compared to other cottons. This gives you freedom to fully customize your bedroom according to your style and taste. They come in number of monochrome colours too to mix and match with your bedroom design.
  8. Your favourite 5 star hotel uses Egyptian cotton sheets. You can easily turn your bed into something like those in fancy hotel room beds by just changing to Egyptian cotton bed sheets. Enjoy it every night without leaving your house.

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