5 Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets in the World

Have you ever wondered what the most expensive bed sheet in the world is? It’s interesting to find that luxury bed sheets can cost more than a thousand dollars per set. But what makes them so expensive?

Most of these bed sheets are designer products other are made to order therefore it can be customized to customers liking – for an added fee of course. Here is a list of most expensive bed sheets in the world to satisfy your craving for luxury beddings.

#1 Bespoke by Charlotte Thomas

With a price tag of $2,400 the Bespoke bed sheet set by Charlotte Thomas easily makes it to our top of the list. The maker of this sheet guarantee that you are buying top of the line luxury bed sheet. With 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton making it soft and luxurious to the feel. But if that is not enough the thread used is lined with silk jacquard and a 22K gold thread.

The lead time for orders may take up to 12 weeks to complete just one set of this sheet.

#2 Jours de Paris by D. Porthault

For a queen size bed sheet set, expect to spend about $1,900 if you want this Jours de Paris by D. Porthault. The company advertise their product with pescale wave and fine hemstitching for added details.

With 200 thread count this sheet can offer a crisp feel to sleeper. This is perfect for those who are into minimalist designs because it comes in pure white colour. The set includes a duvet, 2 pillow cases and a flat sheet.

#3 Seaweed Border Sheet Sets by Frette

‘Sleep in diamonds.” This is Freete promise when buying their bed line collection. The Seaweed Boarder sheet set makes it to number 3 of our list with a price around $1,700. Frette is famous for their luxury bed linens made from Italy cottons. This set is made of sateen wave sheets with pillow cases designed with 4 frills.

#4 Giza Luxe by Sferra

A fine set of Giza Luxe bed sheet by Sferra can cost up to $1,380. This is another fine bed linen product from Italy. The collection is only available in made to order basis on selected retailers in US and the rest of the world. What makes this sheet different among the rest is its fullness and softness feel. Made only from 100% pure Egyptian cotton with 1000 thread count per square inch.

#5 Capri Honey 1020TC Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheet by Sferra

Our number 5 on this list of most expensive Egyptian Cotton bed sheets is another from Sferra. This Italy made 100% Egyptian cotton sheet is a 1020TC bed sheet. The sheet comes in mono chrome colours with delicate designs. This is found in most luxury hotel rooms around the world. Also available commercially in retail stores and online with a price tag of no less than $600.

So there you have it our 5 most expensive Egyptian cotton bed sheets lists. Keep in mind that these are designer linens which explains why it sells in very high prices. You are buying the brand goodwill along with it. But if you are fine with same high quality, genuine Egyptian cotton bed sheets with not so famous brand name, we have them in our store.