It is vital when choosing Egyptian cotton sheets that you look at the quality of thread that goes into the bed sheet set. A lot of cheaper Egyptian sheets are simply made with either regular cotton (not Egyptian cotton) or multi strand threaded Egyptian cotton. What this means is that some manufacturers and retailers are selling these sheet sets with only 250 thread count of cotton, but twisting four strands together to turn them into 1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets. We guarantee that our products are not only true Egyptian cotton sheets, but that the thread count is what is indicated. So if we are selling 1000TC or 1200TC sheets, that is what you will get.

Our 1000 thread count sheets are of superb quality. They are smooth and soft and get more comfortable with every wash. With an incredible attention to detail in the stitching, the tailors really have done an exquisite job of finishing these Egyptian cotton sheet sets. The long staple of Egyptian cotton really does make a massive difference in the feel between regular cotton sheets and they Egyptian style cotton. This staple length offers the sheets a satiny feel which, combined with a sateen style weave gives you a pure, luxury bedding product.

We are incredibly proud of our 1000TC and 1200TC Egyptian cotton sheets and back them with a 100% guarantee. For more information, just pop onto our guarantee page where you will find all the information you need. However, we know how much our customers adore these sheets and we know you will too. You can Buy Egyptian Cotton Sheets Online from the stunning range in our store.