How 1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets Became the Hottest Bedroom Trend

Egyptian Cotton as its name implies, is a kind of cotton grown in Egypt, particularly in the rich soil near the Nile River. The unique and rich characteristics of the environment close to the Nile River is said to be the reason why Egyptian cotton bed sheets are so luxurious. It is an extra special kind of cotton considered to be a cut above the rest. 1200 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets has become the hottest trend in the bedroom because of its reputation of having fine, soft, silky, and luxurious texture that can last for decades. This type of cotton has been around for a long time and has been gracing the best of opulent hotel suites and the homes of some A-list celebrities.

What makes a 1000TC Egyptian cotton sheet set different?

  • It is more porous, meaning it can soak up more moisture than regular cotton. Better moisture absorption is an important factor that contributes to better sleep, according to the experts.
  • It yields yarn that is much finer, which means it can have a higher thread count, a more taut and longer weave and stronger fabric in effect.
  • It has longer fibers or staples compared to regular cotton. The long staples of Egyptian fibre are said to be the reason for its extra strength and durability.
  • It is very lightweight despite being stronger than regular cotton. 100 percent Egyptian cotton sheets also become softer with continued use and laundering.

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Additional tips for 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets

  • Beware of fakes and sheets that claim to be 1000tc or 1500 tc Egyptian cotton sheets since there is a difference between Egyptian Extra Long Staple (ELS) cotton, (the most luxurious kind) and just any kind of cotton or cotton blend from Egypt.
  • Only 4% of all cotton produced in the world is true Egyptian Cotton, the rarity makes it even more expensive. Therefore, most 1000 count Egyptian cotton sheets sets bearing this name in Australia are probably not the real thing.

There is nothing quite like cotton sheets Egyptian. They truly are the highest quality bed sheets on earth. If you are searching for real, high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, then you will find them in our online sheet store.